How do I book a shoot?

Use the above form to send me a message to get started with a quote! Each booking is finalized with a deposit and the signing of a contract. If we're a good fit and my schedule is open, then we can go ahead and put it on the calendar!

How many images will I receive?

That answer is dependent on the package you pay for, and even then, it can vary case by case. If you have further questions, feel free to contact me!

Where are you based?

I'm based in North Fort Worth, Texas!

Do you travel?

I love to travel! It is pricey though, so keep that in mind. If I can make the drive within an hour, there is no charge. Beyond that, it's an extra $30 per hour of driving, and if I have to fly, that will have to be worked out on a case by case basis! Like I said, I love to travel! However, it is pricey.

What is your turnaround time?

This answer can vary depending on my current load, but the turn around will never be longer than 3 weeks. Headshots are typically turned around in less than 5 business days. You can pay a surcharge of $80 for expedited turn arounds in which case the turn around would be less than 2 business days guaranteed. But honestly, if you need a fast turn around for a specific reason, we can talk about it and figure it out.

Are there any events you don't do?

There are a handful of things I do not do primarily because I am a Christian. Every one is entitled to live their life by their own moral code, so I will not judge you for whatever it is you want to do, however there are certain things I do not feel comfortable participating in.

- Boudoir, lingerie, "lewds," or nudity of any kind
- Cross dressing or drag shows.
- Same sex weddings, engagements, or couples pictures.

If you need a photographer for these sorts of things, you'll be much happier finding someone who would be excited to capture that for you. I like working with people, and I want whoever I'm working with to have a photographer who is genuinely excited to celebrate them!